High Priority

High Priority is a collection of personal inscriptions and lists. The USPS stickers range from one word reminders "grow" "heal" "move" to revealing phrases "let me leave you" "leave him" "i love you, again" "this is not art but i miss you" and more. The work started as a homage to the artists relationship to street art and fiber work but continues to grow into something intimate which revels in being soft and open.

High Priority To Do is a currently growing list of monthly to do lists, by the end of the year there will be 12. The flat rate envelopes are forming a playful narrative about being a woman and a 20 something artist. Some of the points on the lists are "Call mom." "Student loans??" "Dye hair" "Scan work" "More disposable cameras" "email gallery" "buy thinx" "fix dress". The envelopes look both faded and pristine and carry the message with "high priority" even if the message is only sent back to the person who made the list.