Leave Him

 "leave him" is a collection of public and personal installations in Seattle WA, Maui HI, and elsewhere by people like you. They can be found in the widows of a closed movie theatre, telephone poles, apartment construction notices, parking lots, bathrooms, on the back of your cell phone, water bottle, notebook, and car dashboard.

This work is an act of celebration and reverence for the artists' mother and all women who have ended abusive relationships. It is a celebration of the end of pain, that things finally get better. It is a reminder to all those still there that leaving is an option. It is saying everything that wasn’t said for so long.

The artist encourages you to personally participate by knowing that leaving unhealthy situations are always an option. Abuse is isolating and ending it (and starting over) is a community effort. Join by being present in your community.

A portion of the sales from the posters and stickers go towards nonprofits that support families from leaving their abuser.